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I am also a homeopathic practitioner and I provide practical nutritional and lifestyle advice alongside homeopathic remedies, and encouraging people on their return to health.  People of all ages come to see me with a wide range of conditions and my approach is to offer a supportive space for us to work together to understand your individual experience.

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle system of medicine which treats the whole person, not just the disease process, and can be used by the whole family including pregnant women and babies. As a holistic therapy, homeopathy takes into account the individual characteristics of each client; the physical and emotional symptoms as well as medical history and characteristics such as food preferences and sleep patterns.

Health may be affected by a number of factors, physical, mental and emotional, and clients come to me with a great variety of conditions including: stress, insomnia, panic attacks, bedwetting, teething, eczema, digestive, skin and hormonal problems including menopausal symptoms, depression, tiredness and arthritis, as well as emotional issues, for example, anxiety, grief and stress.  The amount of sessions you may need will vary from person to person but usually three appointments,  4 – 6 weeks apart, may be used as a guideline. To find out if homeopathy could help you, please contact me.

Please note, homeopathy and counselling are two distinct ways of working and I will only be able to work with you in one of these modalities only.  Please contact me for more information.

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